Capital Project News

Check back here for periodic updates to the 2018 Capital Construction Project for the Silver Creek Central School District as it progresses. All articles are shared with the permission of the Dunkirk OBSERVER newspaper.

On March 20, 2018, voters approved the Capital Project 2018. As a reminder, the project WILL NOT increase taxes as it will be financed through either New York State Building Aid and/or New  York State Smart Schools Bond Act money. The project will address four key areas needed for maintaining District investments in Buildings and Grounds, infrastructure, and modernization needed for enhanced student programming. 

These four key areas centered on:

1. Needs of deferred maintenance such as: extensive roof replacement, parking lot repair and expansion, three additional bus mechanical bays, sidewalk repair and expansion, resurfacing track, replacing windows, replacing tile and carpeted flooring, ceiling tile replacement, electrical work, replacing outdated ventilation systems, air conditioning upgrades, renovating the Special Education and Middle School principal office areas. 

2. Increased health and safety throughout the District such as: renovating needed bathrooms/locker rooms for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility, renovating the Elementary School main entrance vestibule, upgrading security cameras, renovating the nurse's suite, replacing outdated phone system, installing a new playground surface, replacing gas shut-off valves in science rooms, enhanced radio communication for the Transportation Department.

3. Upgrade Energy Efficiency such as: LED lighting throughout the District. 

4. Enhance student experiences such as: Adding six classrooms needed for the Elementary School, building a nature trail behind the Elementary building, renovating the Elementary science room and courtyard, renovating Middle and High school Technology and Computer laboratories, auditorium lighting and sound upgrades. 

The project is being divided into three phases to accommodate proper planning, development and approval as required by the New York State Education Department. 

PHASE I - Work is expected to begin January 2019 and be completed by June 2019. This will include data cabling for the new phone system and security camera upgrades. 

PHASE II - Work is expected to begin in Summer 2019 and be completed by Winter 2019. This will include extensive roofing, exterior sidewalk, parking lot and site work. 

PHASE III - Work is expected to begin Summer 2019 and be completed by Fall 2020. This will include the remainder of the Capital Project 2018.