Board of Education

PLEASE BE ADVISED: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in accordance with Executive Order 202.1, members of the public will not be permitted to attend the Board meetings in person and members of the Board of Education will attend the meetings remotely via Zoom until further notice. The meeting can be viewed via live stream at In addition, the meeting will be recorded and transcribed at a later date.

 2020-2021 Board of Education

2020-2021 Board Members  

 Stephen Boothe, President
 Martha Howard, Vice President  
 Matthew Bogosian
 Gregory Cole
 Jerry Cross
 Marjorie Foxton
 Scott Pulver  

Final 2019-2020 Board Goals  

Goal #1: Graduation is the defining result of all that takes place within our District from PreK – 12.  The Graduation rate, both District and High School, will increase by 2% from June 2019 to June 2020, therefore up to 86% District and 92% High School.  Supporting structures to reinforce these goals will be evidenced by:

  • Aligned, cohesive and articulated curriculum Pre-K – 12 that utilizes a systematic approach to support all learners.
  • Academic achievement results with NYS grades 3 – 8  and Regents exams 

Goal #2: The Board of Education desires students and school staff to model the District’s understanding of character traits. The Board promotes a school climate that supports the social and emotional well-being of District students. A research based curricula and programming which is comprehensive, aligned, and articulated will be in place by June 2020. 

Goal #3: The Board of Education will continue to provide resources and promote a shared common vision of Family Engagement by June 2020.  The District will implement additional ways to engage families as evidenced by:

  • CSEP plan infusion
  • Enhanced community partnerships
  • Additional family outreach