Fire department emblazons truck with SCCS mascot

Black Knights pride sweeps the village of Silver Creek
sccs red knight door april 2016

It comes as little surprise that there are numerous Silver Creek Central School graduates among the ranks of the Silver Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

But what is a little surprising is just how deep their alma mater pride runs. During a fire department meet-and-greet held April 26, members were excited to show District Superintendent Todd A. Crandall that they recently emblazoned one of the village firetrucks with a gold-and-black emblem of the Black Knights mascot.

Crandall, who is an exempt member of the Portland Fire Department as well as a past EMT and first aid captain, was delighted at the thoughtful, supportive gesture in line with SCCS spirit. 


 “As I’ve transitioned into Silver Creek, I’ve worked to meet a lot of the groups that serve the Silver Creek community and the surrounding communities,” said Crandall, who joined the district in February. “So I met with all of the local fire chiefs the first week I was here.”


Representatives from the Forestville, Irving, Sheridan, Silver Creek and Sunset Bay fire departments met with Crandall over the winter to review emergency protocol procedures and share emergency contact information in an effort to ensure seamless communication among all entities.


“It’s a wonderful way for the fire department to display a shared sense of community in this close-knit village,” said Crandall, noting that the fire department and all its members have the admiration and support of the entire school district.


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