Dress Code

An Important Part of The Educational Climate

The District has designed a Code of Conduct that includes a student dress code. The dress code was written with two major features in mind; safety for all students and hygiene concerns. Beginning in September 2009, all elements that are stated in the Code of Conduct will be enforced. It is important that the school community and our students respect and support this policy.

Some highlights of this policy:

• Students must wear shoes, sneakers, or dress sandals.

• All students should be covered from the shoulders to the mid thigh.

• Pants should fit securely around the student's waist (with no undergarments displayed.)

• Boys must have sleeves on their shirts.

• Girls must keep tops covering upper body area. No undergarments should show.

• No biker chains or studded jewelry can be carried with students.

• Makeup for cosmetic reasons, not makeup for display or drama purposes.

• Federal Law prohibits any type of garment that states alcohol, tobacco, or drug products or that degrades one's race, religion, sex, or personal status.

The dress code will be enforced uniformly and consistently throughout the school year.