Safety Response Procedures

Safety Response Procedures

In an effort to help the public understand the purpose of the different levels of emergency drills, the Silver Creek Central School District is releasing an explanatory document.

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance to the District. We want parents to rest assured their children are protected to the best of our abilities.

Depending on the situation, four different drills may be enacted:

  • Lockout – A lockout may be issued in the event an external threat or other incident could result in harm to persons inside the school. All exterior doors will be locked and secured. All outside activities will cease and any students outdoors will immediately return inside the school. Normal activities will continue in the school, and only authorized personnel will be admitted to the building.

  • Shelter In Place – Sheltering provides refuge for students, staff and the public within the school during an emergency. Hallways are cleared, students remain in classrooms, instruction continues and there are no class changes.

  • Lockdown – Issued in situations involving dangerous intruders or other incidents that may result in harm to persons inside the school. All students, staff and visitors will be directed to classrooms and all doors and windows will be locked. No one is permitted outside classrooms until designated personnel ensure that the building is safe.

  • Evacuation – A refuge outside the school building is provided during an emergency. Evacuation destinations are located in areas that will maximize inhabitants’ safety.