A photo of a cafeteria worker handing

The Cafeteria Department of the Silver Creek Central School District provides nutritious meals to students in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. 

ATTENTION FAMILIES: There will be a change for meal pickup dates for our fully remote students

MEALS WILL NOW BE DISTRIBUTED ON A BI-WEEKLY BASIS.  Families will receive meals for the next two weeks of instruction.

See reference chart below for meal pickup dates for the remainder of the year:

Meal Pick Up Date

Meals for


Week of 4/19-4/23 &

Week of 4/26-4/30


Week of 5/3-5/7 &

Week of 5/10-5/14


Week of 5/17-5/21 &

Week of 5/24-28


Week of 6/1-6/4 &

Week of 6/7-6/11


Week of 6/14-6/18 &

Week of 6/21-6/24

 Please note meals are only provided for instructional days, not weekends, holidays, conference days, etc.

Please be reminded that meals for our remote learners are available for pick-up on Fridays between 9 am and 11 am, and again from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. These meals are prepared in advance, so please provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you are in need of meals. If you do not register in advance for meal pick up, we cannot guarantee to have any extras available to accommodate you.

We ask that ALL fully remote families who wish to participate in the food distribution of breakfasts and lunches to please complete the form so that we have exact counts moving forward.

Please follow this link: to a Google form to be completed to register for meals. You will be asked to provide your name, number of students to receive meals, and which time slot you will be picking them up. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact Linda Okon at 716-934-2603 ext. 4966.