From the Superintendent

Dear Community,

We would first like to take this opportunity to thank parents, families and the entire community for your overwhelming support with the recent successful Capital Project vote which occurred on March 20, 2018.  Your continued support will ensure that our buildings, grounds and infrastructure will be maintained and upgraded now and well into the future.  The Capital Project allows us to maintain and conduct necessary upgrades to allow for successful and enriched student experiences and programming. 

Our May edition of The Silverliner reviews the components of the 2018-2019 school budget.  The Board of Education, Administration and staff have invested significant amounts of their time and energy into creating a school budget proposal that is both responsible and sustainable.  The Silver Creek Central School District’s proposed tax levy increase of 2.55% maintains programs while remaining within the tax levy limit.

School District budget planning requires a great amount of strategic planning that involves careful consideration of maximizing State Aid opportunities, overseeing the use of fund balance and reserves and managing tax levy limit parameters. This budget reflects the District’s excellent job of managing all three while maintaining and promoting the best educational opportunities for our students.

The enacted New York State 2018-2019 budget includes full funding of the STAR program. There will be another round of property tax rebate checks in the fall. This program is for homeowners who have an income of less than $275,000, are enrolled in STAR, and whose school district stays within the tax cap, as we have. The tax levy limit for our District is 2.55% which is our proposed increase.  Thus, residents of the Silver Creek Central School District who meet the income level requirements stated above and have paid school property taxes in 2017, would be eligible for the tax credit. 

Proposition #1 on the ballot is the school budget proposal for 2018-2019 for $24,516,388.  This is an increase of $1,372,567 from last year’s budget. This 5.93% increase reflects the needed increases and required adjustments for rising costs. 

Our proposed budget is designed to maintain our fine educational opportunities and initiatives.  Further, our proposed budget fulfills State mandates while maintaining program offerings and staffing necessary to support the overall development of  students.

This budget continues to fund outstanding programming for students and our community, including:

   - Reading programs at all levels

   - Academic Intervention services for students as needed at all levels

   - Various experiences in the visual and performing arts

   - A rich variety of elective and special-area course offerings

   - Maintaining before school and after school program opportunities geared toward deeper learning

   - Varsity, junior varsity, modified, and intramural athletic activities K-12

   - Outstanding technology to provide students with tools needed to prepare for their futures

   - Increased family engagement and community opportunities through enriched program and parent information opportunities, including use of the facilities and grounds 

The proposed tax levy is a 2.55% increase of $153,931.  Our true-value tax rate is estimated at $16.53 per $1,000 of assessed value, a .18% or $0.03 decrease in comparison to the 2017-2018 tax rate. 

We remain steadfast with our long-term planning which includes a 5-year projected budget revenue and expenditure plan and a 10-year reserve usage plan, which will allow us to sustain sound academic programing in the years to come.  In total, we are appropriating $1,352,196 from our fund balance.  The budget also incorporates the purchase of one small bus.  

Proposition #2 seeks voter authorization to use $234,062 of our Capital Vehicle Reserve to purchase two large buses for 2018-2019.  Voters established the vehicle reserve fund in 2013, and the bus purchase will not require any additional funding.  It is important for voters to remember that authorizing this bus purchase from the vehicle reserve will have zero impact on our local tax levy 

Our School Board members, Business Official and Superintendent remain committed to a comprehensive, disciplined and proactive approach in developing a conservative budget that maintains focus on our fiduciary responsibility and the preservation of quality programs and services now and well into the future.  We have maintained a highly transparent process and have had the opportunity to present the budget at numerous budget meetings, village and town government meetings, and to local community groups.  Please visit our website to view the entire 2018-2019 budget proposal as well as previously presented budget items.  We encourage all of our qualified voters to vote on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. 



 Greg Cole, Board of Education President


Todd Crandall, Superintendent of Schools