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Mr. Graf

Thank you for visiting my teacher page.  We are transitioning away from using individual pages to streamline the information gathering process for families and students. 
The "Homework Hotline" will provide families with current assignments that are due. 
"Parent Portal" allows families to check grades and assignments at key times in the marking periods. 
Reference information for Social Studies (both assignments and textbooks) are available through a course page on "Schoology."  Some assignments will need to be done on paper and submitted by hand.  These assignments should be transported to and from school through each student's homework folder/folio.  Please check the student's syllabus for more exact information on some of the objectives of the course this year, and as always, I would love to hear your suggestions, feedback, and special areas of interest you would like to see covered! 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me most efficiently at or also at 716-934-2603, x 2317.

I can also give you family access codes to your student's Schoology Page so you can follow his/her progress more closely.  

Thank you!