2020-2021 Re-Opening

2020-2021 Re-Opening

Parent Broadcast 9/28

This is an announcement for fully remote students only-

As fully remote student families are aware, the district provides meals for your children which you are able to pick up between 9 and 11 am on Fridays.  We recognize that this time frame may not be convenient for families that work.  We are going to offer an additional pickup time from 3:30 to 4:30 pm on Fridays.

Please phone the switchboard and speak to Mrs. Rybak or leave a message indicating if you would prefer to pick up your meals from 3:30 to 4:30, and if so, how many children you need meals for.  As a reminder, you will be provided 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches for the following week when you pick up on Fridays.  A further reminder that these meals contain not only cold items, but also items to be heated up such as chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, etc. similar to the meals served in our cafeterias.

Please remember that school meals are free for ALL students under our new CEP eligibility. They are served grab-and-go style with no need to swipe their cards unless they are purchasing a la carte snacks. The take-home meals are also free and they are bagged “heat and eat” lunches that are the same quality meals served in our cafeterias. Some of the meal selections include chicken patties, mozzarella sticks, popcorn chicken, and pizza. They include sides of fruits and veggies and white or chocolate milk. Please encourage your children to take advantage of these meals. The district worked hard to ensure all of our students could receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no cost to them, and as residents and taxpayers in the district you are entitled to benefit from this great program!


Please be advised that Community Education classes for the fall/winter 2020 have been cancelled. The district was unable to accommodate the cleaning, sanitizing, and social distancing requirements that would have been require to hold these classes. We did not make the decision to cancel until after the Silverliner had gone to print. We will keep the community informed if we are able to hold spring sessions.


For Fully remote learning families:
Meal distribution begins for ALL remote learners this Friday, September 11. Meal pick up will be at the HS band entrance from 9 am to 11 am. Please phone 934-2603 ext. 0 and inform the operator of how many meals you need. Please note, meals are being provided for students enrolled in the district only


  1. A reminder: This year all students will receive a free breakfast and lunch regardless of family income level. Please complete the gold form that was mailed to your household last week. It is imperative that the district collect this data to continue to maintain our eligibility for this grant.


  2. For hybrid students (students attending every other day), they will receive a bag containing their breakfast and lunch for the next day as they leave school at the end of their in-person instruction day.


    For remote learners (students who learn completely online at home) meal distribution will be at the HS Band entrance.  Families may pick up 5 days’ worth of meals on Fridays between 9 am and 11 am. Please phone the switchboard (716) 934-2603 ext. 0 to tell how many children you will need meals for by Wednesday, September 9 at 9 am.


  3. As we begin this school year, it is imperative we work together to open our school as safely and effectively as possible.DO NOT send your child to school sick. Students who are in school and show symptoms of COVID 19 will be sent home. We encourage you to take your child’s temperature each day before they leave for school.

If your child won’t comply with the District’s COVID 19 policies and procedures, including social distancing and wearing masks as required, they will be sent home and required to participate remotely. 


•Link for PK-5 families to choose their child's learning environment for 2020-2021 school year by August 10th: http://forms.gle/N2A6eDaLSxGzodet6

Grade 6-8 families who would like to choose full at-home, remote instruction must call the Middle School Office by August 10th to make arrangements. (716) 934-2603 ext. 1400

Grade 9-12 families who would like to select full at-home, remote instruction follow this link: 

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•Middle School Reopening Plan

•High School Reopening Plan

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