Enhancing Family-School Engagement

Enhancing Family-School Engagement

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen connections with the school community and implement additional ways to engage families, the Silver Creek Central School District is partnering with nationally recognized educational leader and author Dr. Steve Constantino.

Constantino, a former teacher-turned-superintendent, is known for his results-oriented, non-conventional approach to leadership. He helps schools harness family engagement to channel increased student achievement and first addressed the district at its staff-wide August 2018 Superintendent’s Day. Constantino discussed his “Five Simple Principles to Engage Every Family,” bringing innovation to education with faculty and more.

His expertise in family and community engagement focuses on engaging every family; effective communication and building relationships; empowering every family; engaging families in decision-making; and engaging the greater community.

Constantino returned to Silver Creek twice in Fall 2018 for continued firsthand work with instructional staffers, meeting with each building’s Shared Decision-Making Team. The teams are using inspiration from their discussions to drive school plans. He will be conducting webinars and Zoom meetings with district staff throughout the year.

“We are working with Dr. Constantino to take a look at the ‘Big Picture’ for Silver Creek schools,” said Superintendent Todd A. Crandall. “He has some great ideas and he’s doing some inspirational work with our staff that will enhance the district’s learning experience for the whole community.”

Constantino also worked as an administrator at the state level, holding positions as Chief Academic Officer and State Superintendent. Today, he is Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Livingtree, a company dedicated to engaging families with schools, and is an adjunct lecturer at the College of William & Mary School of Education. He has authored four books: “Making Your School Family Friendly” (2002), “Engaging Every Family” (2003), “101 Ways to Create Real Family Engagement” (2008) and “Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles” (2016). 

Constantino discusses the different types of family engagement and their impact on student learning.