Fraudulent Emails

Please be Advised - In response to the recent malware / virus outbreak that occurred at the Silver Creek Central School District and subsequent fraudulent emails that some students and/or community members have received  claiming to be from a staff member at the school, we have created a document to help you identify fraudulent emails. The emails may either claim to contain an invoice and encourage you to click on an attachment, or they may claim to be from Bank of America or Merrill Lynch notifying you of a payment you have recently made.  DO NOT click on any links or attachment in these emails! This guide is not only beneficial for our recent issue, it can also help with any un-related fraudulent emails you or someone you know may receive.

Please note that this is not the only way to identify a fake email, nor is it a guaranteed way. It is simply one of the more effective and simple ways of identifying a fraudulent email.  -  Never click on links or attachments to emails that you do not know are from a trusted source and/or you are expecting to receive.   If it feels suspicious, but you are not sure, verify with the sender.   If you find a fraudulent email, delete it immediately