Honoring the 2020-2021 NHS Inductees

Honoring the 2020-2021 NHS Inductees
NHS January 2021 square

Following nearly two months of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Silver Creek Central School was finally able to hold the 2020-2021 induction for its chapter of the National Honor Society on Jan. 12, 2021.

“Getting here has not been easy,” acknowledged NHS co-advisor Carolyn Laurenzi-Timmerman in referencing the postponements in her welcome before thanking everyone in attendance for following the safety protocols required for an in-person celebration.

Due to size limits on gatherings, the 20 new members were feted for their commitment to scholarship, service, leadership and character in two identical back-to-back ceremonies in the auditorium that allowed for each inductee to have up to four loved ones physically present in the audience. The ceremonies were livestreamed on the district’s Facebook page so others could watch from home.

The ceremonies kicked off with a welcome and introduction by Principal Thomas Buczkowski, who was unable to attend due to illness.

 “You represent the best Silver Creek has to offer. You were able to demonstrate these attributes not only in ‘normal’ times, but you have shown the ability to persevere during a global pandemic that has turned your educational experience upside down,” wrote Buczkowski in remarks delivered by Laurenzi-Timmerman. “Do not discount what you have been able to overcome. Your next challenge is to continue this high level of success. The world needs good people to continue doing good work.”

Laurenzi-Timmerman then read a poem by Walt Whitman, “O Me! O Life!”, on behalf of Buczkowski.

“Although you have been through a lot these past nine months, it is important to remember that life is still moving ahead,” said Laurenzi-Timmerman. “Consider your verse and how you will make the world a better place.”

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, NHS President Emma Romanik offered congratulations to the inductees before praising their families for raising such “hard-working and dedicated children”

The presentation of the four components required for induction into the NHS were led by members Ellen Decker (scholarship), Amanda Roth (service), Alina Beadle (leadership), and Cynthia Schwab (character).  

Decker discussed the pursuit of knowledge, curiosity, and passion for discovery as keys to success. Roth noted that service is a great way to give back, spread kindness, get to know one’s community and foster fellowship through compassionate acts. Beadle emphasized leading by example and that no title or position are necessary to be a true leader. Schwab underscored the importance of high standards, decision-making, thankfulness and forgiveness when it comes to character.

“Without your heart in the right place,” said Schwab. “You won’t succeed in these areas.”

NHS co-advisors Kristen Foley and Laurenzi-Timmerman then introduced the rest of the current NHS members: Joseph Bowers, Danaceus Maybee, Samuel Braidich, Ella Monaco, Mikayla Clark, Kylie Procknal, Juliana Flick, Adriana Rosati, Owen Hastings, Kassidy Herspold, Bailey Watroba, and Kaytlyn Killock.

The 2020-2021 inductees and their faculty sponsors are: Genevieve Balestrieri (Mr. Joshua Sadler), Sincere Becker (Mrs. Carolyn Laurenzi-Timmerman), Jade Bouvier (Mrs. Alison Gondek), Tessa Brunner (Mr. Justin Cerne), Katie Castiglia (Miss Kristen Foley), Alyssa Castle (Mr. Aaron Johnson), Ethan Cross (Mr. Raymond Graf), Savannah Delmonte (Mrs. Carolyn Laurenzi-Timmerman), Riley Herling (Mrs. Caitlin Wojciechowski), Amanda Ippolito (Mr. Daniel Tomaszewski), Tesa Karcz (Miss Brittany Sanford), Hunter Larson (Mr. Sean Helmer), Lacey Milius (Mrs. Carolyn Laurenzi-Timmerman), Yanna Mott (Mr. Justin Cerne), Kali Parks-Ressler (Mr. Paul Abate), Alivia Penman (Mr. Kevin Rice), Emily Purdy (Mr. Aaron Johnson), Abigail Rice (Mr. Kevin Rice), Tabitha Shevlin (Mr. Phillip McMullen), Kiara Zayas (Mr. David Skalski).

The sponsors read personal remarks highlighting the inductees’ myriad positive attributes before inviting them on stage and presenting them with bouquets of fresh flowers.

NHS President Romanik then led the inductees in reciting the NHS Pledge: “I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing / To hold as fundamental and worthy / An untarnished character, / To endeavor intelligently and courageously / To be a leader, / And give of myself freely in service to others. / In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy / Of a place in the National Honor Society.

Closing remarks were given by Foley.

“We sincerely appreciate everyone showing up tonight. Our current members and new inductees have showed resilience during these troubling times and have inspired us to keep moving forward,” said Foley. “We thank you for adapting to our scheduling challenges so that we can celebrate these students in person and hope that 2021 brings more opportunities like this where we can be together.”

The SCHS chapter of the NHS is thankful to Superintendent Todd Crandall, Principal  Buczkowski, secretary Jody Johnson, district secretary Emily Cole, the Board of Education, Scott Pound and the Buildings and Grounds team, stage crew advisor Phillip McMullen, and the NHS Selection Committee. The NHS extends its gratitude also to the teachers of Silver Creek for their recommendations and sponsorships, Sweets of Your Life Bake Shop as well as friends and family of members and inductees.

At the conclusion of both ceremonies, inductees’ loved ones in attendance were invited to take some socially distant photos in the auditorium.