Parent Letter, Roach Update

Parent Letter, Roach Update

November 9, 2018 

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Earlier this week, I learned that we have discovered a total of three cockroaches located in a single hallway in the High School wing of the building. When we discovered the first roach our Head of Buildings and Grounds and High School Principal took immediate action to completely eliminate this issue.  A comprehensive inspection and thorough cleaning occurred, professional exterminators were brought in and continue to assist us.  Any students with lockers located in the immediate area of where the roaches were found have been offered temporary alternate locations to keep their belongings while we remedy this isolated finding. Additionally, we believe we have located the source of where the roaches originated and we remain vigilant to both monitor the issue and completely eradicate the problem. 

If you have specific questions, please contact Mike Daniels, Head of Buildings and Grounds, Mr. Buczkowski, High School Principal or myself.  Rest assured, we are doing everything possible and remain steadfast to eliminate this problem. I want to thank you for your continued support!


Todd A. Crandall

Superintendent of Schools