Support Providers

Silver Creek Elementary School
Support Services Department

This is an image of a globe and some stick-figure children drawn in multicolored chalk on a chalkboard.

Silver Creek Central School has many services available for students and their families. In order to help meet the increasing demands of the New York State learning standards, all students have access to a support network in school to help them deal with many factors that may impact learning. The district provides support services through School Social Workers, School Psychologists, Guidance/School Counselors and Native American Support Staff.

Contact Us

School Counselor Caitlin Snyder at 934-2603, ext. 4981

School Psychologist PK-3 Alyssa Biscotto at 
934-2603, ext. 4973

School Psychologist 4-7 Amy Collins at 
934-2603, ext. 4965

 School Counselor for Native American Students PK-12/Title VI Native American Education Program Coordinator Paula Redeye at 934-2603, ext. 4992 

Social Worker Karielle Case at 934-2603, ext. 4994